Moving Tips

10 Packing Tips to make your local moving easier.

Packing is the most demanding part of moving, especially if you have deep roots in the place you are moving from. Brandon Local Haul offers packing services, but if you are planning to pack on your own the following time saving and valuable tips may help.

1. Start as soon as you are sure. Going through a house full of belongings can take a lot of time.  Fitting this in amidst a work schedule and family needs is tough so start as soon as you know for sure you will be moving.  Clean out closets and go through the garage. This will make the crunch time much easier and you can put more thought into your packing.

2. Get some good boxes. If you can’t afford to buy boxes at a moving center, be sure to tape the bottoms or at least test them before you load them up with your breakables. Nothing is more stressful than a broken bottom on a box of china or glassware.

3. Label your boxes. When unloading at your new home it helps to know what room to put the box in and saves a tremendous amount of time in resettling. Additionally it will make it easier to find what you need in those first few weeks at your new residence.

4. Take time to carefully pack breakables and china. Wrapping in paper and using packing nuts will help to insure the safety of your fine breakables and china. Be sure to get the proper packing materials and do the job right to protect those valuable items.

5. Use bags when appropriate. For blankets, pillows, clothes and other similar items using plastic garbage bags is fine, but don’t skimp heavier bags are more expensive but your valuables are worth it.  Less expensive bags tend to rip open easier, Ziploc offers heavy storage bags and you could also use the vacuum bags.

6. Clean rugs and drapes. As soon as possible gather drapes and rugs and clean them before you pack them, then they will be ready to lay and hang at your new residence.

7. Pack a bag for a week. Before you make the move pack a suitcase or a bag with necessary items such as medicines and toiletries, as if you are going on a trip.  This will take the pressure off of you in your unpacking, and you will not be digging around looking for a clean pair of underwear.

8. Pack the kitchen last. Unpack the kitchen first. Some items in the kitchen can be packed away first thing, like china and other fancies, but most of us need our coffee pots the morning of the move, in both places.

9. Pack a bag for Fido. Don’t forget to get the necessary items for your pets and keep them where you can find them so pets can be fed on schedule.  Remember it will be difficult for them to move too.

10. Pack a smile. Whatever the reason you are moving, it helps to have a good attitude.  Life is an adventure.  Moving can be a fun adventure too. Stay positive and happy moving.

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